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Where Karate Meets Netflix's Stage

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"Social Media Badass": Where Karate Meets Netflix's Stage

In the vibrant backdrop of the "Netflix is a Joke" event, a singular story emerged, melding Brazil's martial arts fervor with the cinematic magic of Netflix.

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A Singular Brazilian Footprint

Amidst the giants of Brazilian TV, we stood unique. As the only Brazilian media team present, our Instagram came alive with first-hand narratives, ensuring our audience had the best seat in the house.

The Teaser Triumph

We led the charge by being the inaugural platform in Brazil to spotlight the teaser for the eagerly anticipated Season 6 of Karate Kid on Netflix.

An Integrated Effort

This wasn't just a coverage; it was a carefully choreographed dance. Our team at the event worked in harmony with our Brazilian counterpart, curating and delivering content on Instagram. Our audience didn't just see the event; they felt it.

"Social Media Bad Ass" isn't just a moniker; it's Além do Kiai's commitment. Through innovation and authenticity, we delivered unparalleled digital storytelling tailored for a discerning audience.

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Global Beats, Karate Heart: Além do Kiai

"Além do Kiai is a unique digital platform that bridges the captivating world of martial arts with the dynamism of modern media. Hailing from Brazil, it has extended its reach to cover international events around the globe, including the 2019 Pan American Games and World Championship qualifiers. By offering real-time experiences and exclusive insights, Além do Kiai amplifies the allure of karate. Whether through its groundbreaking coverage or its innovative storytelling approach, the platform ensures that even those unfamiliar with karate are immersed in the energy and passion of the sport."

"Social Media Badass": Where Karate Meets Netflix's Stage